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Busy 2024 coming up - check this

At the recent AGM we heard about plans for competing in 2024. We can all see just how the club has moved on in the last couple of years with standards having come on in leaps and bounds. That means we can go out and take on other clubs and anticipate giving a good account of ourselves.

Events like these:

  • London Cup: probably in late May 2024 at Vauxhall. Requires a minimum of six players - Singles, Pairs,Threes

  • London Pétanque Championship 2024: 15th & 16th June 2024 at Crystal Palace. There will be triples (£45) and doubles (£30) in this international competition but all levels are welcome to participate.

  • Combination Cup: probably late July at Vauxhall

  • Inter Club matches: regular fixtures v Islington to continue, Croydon to visit Hornsey & Parakeets & London Petanque Club have been contacted.

There will be our own HPC events - both new and repeated from last year

  1. Singles Competition - probably in June 2024. In light of experience of how last year’s event went, it seems preferable to have a single day KO event

  2. Pairs competition - aim for October again.A one day KO

  3. Brand new

    1. A triples competition in the spring. Format will depend on number of entrants - possibly a league competition over one day. If we get 24 entrants then we’ll have two mini leagues of four with top teams going into KO competition. Possibly timed to happen before Easter (Easter is March 24th so will either go for 16th/17th or more likely 5th/6th April)

    2. Pointing and Shooting competition. Probably just an afternoon - point and shoot at six, eight and ten metre targets with three prizes (Best Pointer; Best Shooter; Best Combined Pointer and Shooter).

    3. Internal Singles League competition.

And then there are these highly ambitious events (if we dare!):

  • Eurocup: a competition for Pétanque England registered clubs, with each club eligible to enter two mixed-gender teams each consisting of at least six players

  • Inter Regional Championships: held in September - last year it was in Lowestoft

  • Jersey International: St Helier, Jersey 26th to 28th July. Three days of open competition - singles, doubles and triples

  • Trip to France: it has been discussed a few times in recent years. Jacques has put forward thoughts on a venue to visit. Up for discussion as to where and when


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