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Where can I play?

Our home courts are in Alexandra Palace Park and Priory Park, Hornsey. See the 'When and Where' section of this website for more information.

How do I become a member of HPC?

There's a £20 fee to become a member. Once you've decided you'd like to join (remember you can have three free sessions before making a decision) simply contact us through this site's CONTACT section

Do I need prior playing experience?

Some of our members are experienced players, but most are new to the sport when they join. Our goal is to make everybody feel welcome whatever level you aspire to. So, come and join us. Whether you are a complete beginner or already an expert player, you’ll find that you will quickly get into the spirit of this enjoyable and challenging game.

My mobility is limited. Can I play? 

Absolutely! The game is widely played by people with various mobility issues, and can easily be adapted to your particular requirements. Both of our courts are accessible to wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility.

When do you play?

We currently play on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings between 10am and noon on the courts at either Alexandra Palace Park or Priory Park. Ad hoc sessions also occur during the week and at weekends. You can play as often as you like. See the 'When and Where' section of this website for more information.

Does it get competitive?

First and foremost, we enjoy the social aspect of the game, and everybody has fun. We are building relationships with other London clubs and we have occasional friendly matches. You can opt in and join a match if that’s something that appeals to you but it’s not mandatory. Go to the NEWS section of this website for reports on some of our matches. In addition, we are keen to develop players’ overall skills, ability & knowledge of the sport. For those who want it, this includes playing in competitions and organising sessions with nationally certified coaches.

What’s the difference between pétanque and boules?

There isn’t one really, and both terms are used interchangeably. Boules is a generic term that covers a few different games (‘boule’ means ball in French) where players aim their balls at a target ball. Pétanque is a particular boule game that originated in France but is now played all over the world.

Am I covered against injury or causing damage?

You’re fully protected! Pétanque is far from a dangerous game, but for full peace of mind, our membership of Pétanque England (the sport’s governing body) provides insurance cover as part of our package.

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