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Hornsey Pétanque Club

Singles League

Created March 2024

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Thanks to Carl - our leaguemeister we have this exciting new league and associated details to make it function including which divisions we start in, the time frames and who plays whom (below)

  • The league features two divisions of 11 players

  • Matches will take place across both divisions over the coming months based on very detailed guidance already circulated

  • You can play at the pistes in Priory Park and Ally Pally (we’d appreciate it if both pistes are used) or, if you were both agreeable and wanted something different, you could play at Parliament Hill or Vauxhall or at any other piste​

  • Everything is agreed between the two competitors in any match

  • We are currently planning for two players to be promoted from League 2 and two relegated from League 1

  • If others wish to join, we’ll consider setting up a third division​Any new players will start in League 3

  Bonne chance à tous!

Fixture Calendar for 2024 - Division 1

Fixture Calendar for 2024 - Division 2 (revised)

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